The Dream Year of Culture - Joensuu 2023

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The Dream Year of Culture

You can see and hear it, feel and smell it: The culture is everywhere

During the Dream Year of Culture everyone can enjoy culture, tasty Karelian food and merryment all over the city of Joensuu. During the year, you can indulge yourself in the most different experiences, because the dream year is full of free events. You don't always have to seek out culture: you might bump into it in surprising places and situations. The Dream Year of Culture -project supports local actors in the cultural sector and enables inclusive and communal activities for the people of Joensuu - something for everyone!




  • Sound art at Laulurinne Winterpark starting on weeks 9 – 10, (organized by Sähkökehto)
  • Unis da mierol (In dreams and in foreign countries) - theater monologue, Timoi Munne on 1.3. at 1 p.m. Othodox congrecation, Kirkkokatu 32, Joensuu
  • Culture Café: Time travel to the sound – Niina Annika, Violin men, Jaap Klevering and Julius Jämsén  on 1.3. at 4 – 6 p.m. Art museum Onni, Kirkkokatu 23
  • A touring band! - Acoustic band by Kylän Elvikset on a tour in the villages on 3.3. at 6 p.m. at Tuupovaara youth center, Routaraja on a stage.
  • Dances with the winter: Sanna Hirvonen on 4.3. at 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. and on 11.3. at 5:50-6:50 p.m. Performances on Saturdays at Laulurinne Snow Park at sunset. The performances start approximately every 10 minutes. Pre-registration at or by email
  • Seniors' well-being day on 7.3. from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Joensuu Urheilutalo, Koskikatu 12.


  • Health information package in the form of a light jog - Physiotherapy Sulavi
  • Presentation of the Virkee activity – Pohjois Karjalan Martat ry
  • Social dancing at 13:00 – 14:30 – Music by Jouni Laasonen & Oscu

Please bring your dancing shoes. You can't wear outdoor shoes in the dance hall.

  • Unis da mierol (In dreams and in foreign countries) - theater monologue, Timoi Munne on 12.3. at 3 p.m. Kovero youth club building, Tuupovaara
  • Ice & Poems poetry recitation competition in the hole in the ice on 18.3. at 1 – 2 p.m. at Joensuu Jääkarhut, Mäntyniementie 1, Joensuu. More detailed instructions here (also in english).
  • Women joining voices: Joensuu Women's Choir, Akanvirta and Sisaruet on 18.3. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. open rehearsals in the Joensuu Conservatory's small hall and nearby classrooms. Concert on 19.3. at 5 p.m. in the large hall of the Joensuu Conservatory.
  • A touring band! - Acoustic band by Kylän Elvikset on a tour in the villages on 24.3. at 6 p.m. at Uimaharju youth center, Routaraja on a stage.
  • Building a snow figure during the weeks 9 – 10 in cooperation with photo shop Kuvanmaailma and Joensuun Taiteilijaseura ry. More information: (also in english).



  • Sound and dance fairy tale: Rainbow colored 4.4. at 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Nepenmäki library
  • Culture Café: Bubbling Swing 5.4. at 4–6 p.m. Taidemuseo Onni, Kirkkokatu 23
  • Songs and poems in Kalmo's cottage, Heiduška 6.4. at 6–7 p.m., Kukkosensaari 5b
  • Sound and dance fairy tale: Rainbow colored 14.4. at 9:30 a.m. (FULL BOOKED) and 15.4. at 10:30 a.m. Joensuu Main Library, Muikku hall
  • Violin men 15.4. at 2 p.m. Tuupovaara Ullako and at 7 p.m. Eno service center, Kunnantie 2
  • Sound and dance fairy tale: Rainbow colored 19.4. at 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Karsikko library
  • Hurja Halla's April tour:

Uimaharju library 18.4. at 5:30 p.m
Pyhäselkä library 24.4. at 1 p.m
Tuupovaara Ullakko 25.4. at 9 a.m.
Kiihtelysvaara library 26.4. at 5 p.m
Reijola library 27.4. at 5 p.m


The Dream Year of Culture in Joensuu project put the artists of Art Benches through a competition through the Joensuu Artists' Association. These unique and wonderful benches will be available in Ystävyydenpuisto from April for everyone's joy! Petri Halttunen, Niina Mantsinen, Pia Sinkkonen, Anja Turunen and Johanna Turunen are responsible for the design and implementation of the benches.



Campfire food session at Utra island’s goathi
Markku Laatikainen, Hevierä
There is room for 8 people per session. The places are filled in the order of registration, so please notify us of your participation in time. You can book a place for a maximum of two people.

Registration takes place by e-mail as follows:
Title the email "Campfire meal 6.5.2023 at XX (e.g. 10-11.30)"
Include the names of the participant(s) and contact information (email and phone number) in the message.

When registering, you can point out if the organizer must take special needs into account. You will receive a confirmation of your place in a session to your email. Those who have registered will be sent an information letter to their email before the campfire dinner party.

  • 6.5. at 10–11.30 a.m, 12–1.30 p.m and 2–3.30 p.m
  • 13.5. at 10–11.30 a.m, 12–1.30 p.m and 2–3.30 p.m
  • 27.5. at 10–11.30 a.m and 12–1.30 p.m (FULL BOOKED)

Songs and poems at Kalmonkatiska’s cottage: Heiduška

  • 6.5. at 3–4 p.m
  • 19.5. at 7–8 p.m

Violin men Full Elektrik Experience

  • 6.5. at 5 p.m Kiihtelysvaara Suojapirtti
  • 6.5. at 9 p.m Pub Kulttuurin Kehto, Hammaslahti
  • 19.5. at 1 p.m Reijola library


8.5. at 3 p.m  Movie and stage music jewels

Trio Liisa Karhu-Pearlman, Henna Hirvikangas ja Jarmo Kuittinen, Joensuu main library, Muikku-hall

Bookworm - Children’s concert tour: Ville Karttunen

  • 12.5. at 9 a.m Uimaharju library
  • 15.5. at 9 a.m Kiihtelysvaara library
  • 19.5. at 9 a.m Heinävaara library
  • 22.5. at 9 a.m Tuupovaara Ullakko
  • 23.5. at 9 a.m Pyhäselkä library
  • 24.5. A Library bus Mysteeri: route’s stops are at Koivuniemi (at 4:40 p.m), Vehkataival (at 5:10 p.m), Aurinkokatu 31 / Marjala marketplace (at 6:05 p.m), Sateenkaari’s bus stop (at 6:30 p.m) ja Ojalankaarto bus stop (at 7:10 p.m)
  • 25.5. Library bus Mysteeri: route’s stops are at Rekivaara school (at 9:15 a.m) and Suhmura school (at 10:35 a.m)
  • 26.5. at 9 a.m Eno library
  • 27.5. at 2 p.m Children’s section of Joensuu main library

13.5. at 11 a.m Neighborhoob concert: artist Ihva Aula’s fairytale like art work for children, music by Jaysing Rhythm, Soinila’s farm, Parkkilantie 120

13.5. at 3 p.m A touring band! – Kylän Elvikset: An entertainment orchestra Rautavarasto, Eno’s Louhitalo

Music theater merry-making Penttilä’s triplets

  • 17.5. at 6 p.m Eno Louhitalo
  • 18.5. at 2 p.m Tuupovaara Ullakko
  • 21.5. at 2 p.m Suojapirtti, Kiihtelysvaara
  • 21.5. at 6 Ohvana’s House of Culture

19.5. at 4.00–5.30 p.m The Dream Year’s market square disco, DJ Johannes Teppo
The Dream Year is part of organizing ’Kesän avaus’ market square event with City Center Association Virta.

24.5. at 2–2.45 p.m Summer university’s Teams-lecture on the screen of Joensuu market square: The unbearable lightness of the interaction. Lecturing actor-director and entrepreneur Ismo Apell. The lecture is in Finnish.

At the turn of May and June Henriikka Leppänen creates a cheramic street art piece for the underpass of Rantakylä.


Neighborhoob concert

  • 1.6. at 6 p.m Utra church’s yard: Pupuli and the gardener– a show combining acrobatics and music for children and also Virpi Eronen & Tapsa ”My own and the borrowed songs”
  • 6.6. at 6 p.m At the courtyard of Taitokortteli: Sound and dance fairytale: Rainbow coloured and also Jazzduo Timali
  • 8.6. at 6 p.m Karhunmäki school’s yard: Groovin’Moving
  • 15.6. at 6 p.m Marjala Veteraanipuisto: Groovin’Moving

9.6. at 6 p.m Pasi Tolvanen: Lauluja ihmisille - Songs to the people, Orthodox culture center

14.6. at 6 p.m Fashion show: EllaQ, Art museum Onni

23.6.2023 at 12—2 p.m Market square café’s Juhannus tanssit, open air dance pavilion, music by Markus Jussila ja Onnenetsijät

28.6. at 4:40-7:35 p.m Dancing and reading moment, Maikki Palm, Library bus Mysteeri

30.6.-1.7.2023 Karjalan Kurmee -market square event, more information about the event below.


30.6.-1.7.2023 Karjalan Kurmee -marketplace event
1.7. at 1–4 p.m Heinävaara Day of literature, Heinävaara people’s house. Discussions at the heart of Vaara-Karjala about books, literature and scenery. With Juha Itkonen, Jussi Moila, Merja Mäki, Silja Kejonen ja Eppu Nuotio.

22.7. Family event at Jokiasema:
At 3–4 p.m Ville Karttunen, man and a guitar, songs for children
At 5.00–6.30 p.m Rajatapaus: Improvisation session
At 7–9 p.m Lopunajan Viihdeorkesteri, live band music


Karjalan Kurmee 30.6.-1.7.

At the turn on June and July, Joensuu market square fills up with merrymaking, diserve treats, handcratfs, and wide variety of culture. The two day ’Karjalan Kurmee’ market square event gathers together North-Karelian and its local regions’ food and beverage manufacturers, handcratfs, cerametics, and also art and culture.

Market square’s stage

Friday 30.6.

  • 10 a.m Pippuri Soikoon! -children’s music orchestra
  • 11 a.m Jokeri Pokeri Box, the magician
  • 12 p.m The Regional Dance Center of Eastern Finland (ITAK): An encounter
  • 1 p.m Bereniken hiukset, band
  • 2 p.m Kuuma Kollektiivi: Uhtua fireshow, fire art group
  • 4. p.m Rytmihäiriköt, big band
  • 7 p.m Aikakone, band

Saturday 1.7.

  • 10 a.m Teatteri-Traktori, theatre and music for children
  • 11.15 a.m Joensuun Laulupelimannit, folk music
  • 12.30 p.m SET'AKAT, folk music
  • 1.30 p.m Cat People: Street Dance
  • 2.45 p.m MC Sige X Da Hanski, rap music
  • 4 p.m Salsa Nueva, salsa music band
  • 7 p.m Diandra, band

The event is hosted by Sami Kuronen.
The program of Vapaudenpuisto
Saturday 30.6.

  • at 11 a.m–3 p.m Nelli’s and Niilo’s Clown park
  • at 12.30–2.30 p.m Summer into a poem! -workshop, Sanaratas
  • at 12–3 p.m Face painting, Hilima Haepakka with friends

Saturday 1.7.

  • at 11 a.m–3 p.m Nelli’s ja Niilo’s Clown park
  • at 11 a.m–3 p.m Face painting, Hilima Haepakka and friends
  • Dancing reading moment, participative show for children, Maikki Palm:
  • at 11–11.20 a.m babies
  • at 11.30–11.50 a.m older children
  • at 12.00–12.20 p.m older children

At Nelli’s and Niilo’s Clown park, you will marvel, wonder, laugh, and dabble, act silly and goof off while doing backwards padding. There is around 20 activity spots so there is plenty to do with a lot of fun!

At ’Summer into a poem!’ -workshop, the instructors will put together summer related poems with children. Children can also read poems to an audience themselves if they wish to do so or just let the instructors to read them.

A jovial elf Hilima Haepakka with their friends delights everyone who shows up with funny facepaintings.

Maikki Palm’s ’Dancing reading moment’ easily participates the smallest participant(s) of families with dancing tasks.

You might bump into lovable Jenguli character who is giving free hugs at Vapaudenpuisto and market square area.

Make sure to write down the dates to your calendar and follow the announcements at our social media @joensuunkulttuurinunelmavuosi.