The Dream Year of Culture - Joensuu 2023

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The Dream Year of Culture

You can see and hear it, feel and smell it: The culture is everywhere

During the Dream Year of Culture everyone can enjoy culture, tasty Karelian food and merryment all over the city of Joensuu. During the year, you can indulge yourself in the most different experiences, because the dream year is full of free events. You don't always have to seek out culture: you might bump into it in surprising places and situations. The Dream Year of Culture -project supports local actors in the cultural sector and enables inclusive and communal activities for the people of Joensuu - something for everyone!

When autumn arrives, you can dump into culture in surprising places all around Joensuu. Below you can find all the gathered events for August and September. More detailed information can be found at the frontpage of under the ”Unelmavuoden tapahtumat” headline. You can also find a link to Joensuu’s event calender, where you can browse the full program offering of the city.  


Summer photo competion in collabaration with newspaper Karjalainen until 31.8.

’Bug trails’ near Jukola, Linnunlahti, and Niinivaara daycare centers and at Ystävyydenpuisto park.

8.8. at 10 a.m-6.30 p.m Chainsaw sculpture event KARJALAN RUUSU
Joensuu rantapuisto, Elielinkuja 2

At 10 a.m opening the event:
The executive director of regional council Markus Hirvonen, director of development Timo Reko: introducing the sculptors
Project manager Anne Mujunen: Joensuu’s Dear Year of Culture
Fanfare with the chainsaws, sculptors together

at 10.15 a.m-1 sculpting
at 4 p.m-6 p.m sculpting

at 6 p.m Conclusion of the event:
Chairman of Joensuu city hall Jere Nuutinen
Director of development Timo Reko
Musician Pasi Tolvanen

Sculptors: Kari Kulmala, Rääkkylä; Marika Kylmä, Ilomantsi; Juha Käkelä, Ylöjärvi; Markku Leppänen, Kontiolahti; Taisto Pehkonen, Lieksa; Sanna Tuunainen, Outokumpu; Markus Hirvonen, Joensuu

8.8 starting at 5 p.m All along the Pielisjoki, Pasi Tolvanen
Starting point at the front of Jokiasema’s boat slipway, moving along the riverside to Joensuu’s beach park.

18.8 Joen Yö: Great crested newt, Jenny Vesimäki – Speed portraits!, Veila – joint-kantele (Finnish zither) group
Full Joen Yö-event’s program can be found at

19.8. Impro by the river, improvisation group Rajatapaus
Performance timetable (We reserve the rights to make changes. Up-to-date information can also always be found at
at 12 a.m. Utra’s beach
at 1 p.m. Kanavapuisto’s playpark
at 1.45 p.m. Ilosaari
at 2.45 p.m. Penttilänranta amphitheater
at 3.30 p.m. Café Rento
at 4.15 p.m. Ylisoutaja bridge
at 5 p.m. Jokiasema

14.-26.8 360-STORIES Rami Saarikorpi, an exhibition at Joensuu main library’s Muikku-hall

Jazz Café - Jatsikahvila - Janne Vänskä & Pekka Kämäri
25.8. at 10.30 a.m. Gulf Honkavaara, Hammaslahti
         at 12.15 p.m. Wirsuvaara,Tuupovaara
         at 2 p.m. Enonvene, Eno
26.8. at 11 a.m. Kauppaneuvo’s Café, Joensuu

31.8. at 4 p.m. Värinä – a communal workshop for women and children, ViaDia-center, Rantakylä

31.8. at 6 p.m Once upon a time… -improvisation tour, Improhilistit, Pataluoto’s Auditorium, Pataluodonkatu 2


MetsäART (ForestART) – art along the light traffic route from Mehtimäki to Noljakka.

West Coast Swing Bootcamp and party – Baile Social – FULL BOOKED!
1.9.2023 at 5-8 p.m. Teaching part 1. Mutala school’s gymnasium
2.9.2023 at 12-3 p.m. Teaching part 2. osa 2. Mutala school’s gymnasium
2.9.2023 at 6–9 p.m. Evening party. Motora’s Motti hall

2.9. at 1–3 p.m. Värinä-art moment, communal workshop, Keltainen talo (Yellow House), Sairaalakatu 8

Improholistit: Once upon a time… -improvisation tour:
3.9. at 3 p.m. – Tuupovaara youth house, Urheilutie 10
7.9. at 6 p.m. – Hammaslahti’s youth club house, Pyhäseläntie 1
10.9. at  3 p.m. - Heinävaara school, Isäntäläntie 1
14.9. at 6 p.m. - Särkivaara village hall, Kissapurontie 10
17.9. at 3 p.m. - Enon Louhitalo, Heintie 16
23.9. at 7 p.m. - Joensuun Pakkahuone, Rantakatu 2

6.9. at 4–5.30 p.m. Culture café – Songs from Andalusia
Ella Kinnunen, vocals and Ville Mustonen guitar, Joensuu art museum Onni, Kirkkokatu 23

7.9. at 7 p.m. Songs for people – Pasi Tolvanen, ViaDia-center, Rantakylä

11.–15.9. Verbal art encounters of literature week – Sanaratas ry
Artteli, Merimiehenkatu 32 (more detailed program below)

15.–17.9. Light art at Joensuu centrum
15.9. at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Circus/fire show by Miika Nuutinen in Vapaudenpuisto
15.9. at 8:30-10:30 p.m. a digital work on the wall of Joensuu Art Museum Onni and on the market stage screen
15.-16.9. Dancing waters, water/light work in Ilosaari
15.-17.9. Color lighting of the town hall

20.9. East-Fnland’s Culture Forum, Joensuun conservatory

23.9. at 1–5 p.m. Kekri* -event (*an old Finnish feast), Eno market place.
Program i.a A greeting of the executive director of county Markus Hirvosen, Miia Rosenius’ Pop up Piknik -workshop, circus artist Miika Nuutinen, music by Duo Toinen Lähiö, booths with local and near area’s products and introductions of unions. You can get grilled sausages and marketplace café is open. The event is organized in collabaration with the newspaper Pielisjokiseutu who are celebrating their 60-year long journey. During the day we will be remembering the past years of the newspaper, and you can spot a reporter doing their job too.

Verbal art encounters of literature week program:  
11.9. at 9–11 a.m. A morning for the parents of babies: We will teach parents to enjoy time with their baby with nursery rhymes, plays, stories and books. The parent is an important reading model. They will prompt a child to the world of words and books. We want to motivate and support parents to do this. At the same time, we will give hints for good books for their own well-being and amusement.

12.9. at 9–11 a.m. A Tuesday for the parents of toddlers: story hour, fairytale plays and making handicrafts. Story hour is not just for the child: this story hour is organized in a way that parents get good reading tips for themselves to read and ideas for doing word art together with whole family.

13.9. at 1–3 p.m. Book tips Wednesday: A supportable book tip. Come to tell about your own favourite book, that has supported your own coping, has brought comfort or encouragement, has offered something to relate to your own mind’s tumult.

14.9. at 1–3 p.m. Story Thursday for retired people: Stories from the past, looking forward. With retired people, we will do small word art excercises: lists, poems and stories, from the past, the present and the future. We will tune in with pictures, will comptemplate of the strength of the world with wisdoms and mottos, while recording important cultural heritage. At the coffee table, we will get know the best baked goods and recipies.

15.9. at 10–11.30 a.m. The best mushroom books introduced by an expert. Topi Linjama works for that kind of world, where as many as possible can be enthralled by the mushroom spots at the forest or at home. He works for the fact, the more people would get healthy and tasty food from mushrooms more often, and he published a book called ”Parhaat ruokasienet selkokielellä” during autumn 2022. We want to offer an encouragement for mushroom spots for those who need it.


Welcome to a moment of Art experience!

On Saturday, October 7, Joensuu Conservatory (Yliopistokatu 4) hosts an event for discovering some art experience. In the lobby of the Conservatory, the guest will be able to participate in the communal ryijy’s (tapestry) making from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Anyone who wants to, can spend some time tying their part on the ready-made ryijy. The craft instructors from Taitokortteli will guide you through the crafting. If the ryijy remains unfinished, it will be finished afterwards in Taitokortteli. The location of the finished ryijy will be announced a little bit later.

The program continues with the concert Music from the Carpathian Mountains by the ethnic folk group Dzherela Karpat. Originated from Lviv city, Ukraine, the group is well-known in both Ukraine and in the world.  One- hour concert will tell us a story about traditional Ukrainian folk rythms, brilliant and original folk compositions of ethnic Ukrainian ethnicities from the Carpathians – the Hutsuls and Lemkos.

Dzherela Karpat
Folk group members:
Rostyslav Fedynets (artistic director) - violin
Yuri Dyakunchak - bass, accordion
Yuriy Reha - dulcimer
Valeriy Shafeta - accordion
Vasyl Gamar – Pan Flute, ocarina, flute
Andriy Bozhensky – vocal, tambourine

Free entry!
Organized by Kulttuurin Unelmavuosi 2023 (The Dream Year of Culture), KIEKU team and Joensuu culture department

Запрошуємо вас на день творчості та музики!

7 жовтня, в суботу, в Консерваторії міста Йоенсуу (Joensuun konservatorio, Yliopistokatu 4) проходитиме день творчості та музики. В холі Консерваторії, з 13.00 по 14:30 заплановано спільне виробництво традиційного фінського гобелену- ryijy. Усі бажаючи також матимуть змогу взяти участь у тканні частково вже готового гобелену. Інструкторами виступатимуть спеціалісти з мистецтв та ремесел Taitokortteli. У разі, якщо виготовити повністю гобелен не вийде, його закінчать пізніше в Taitokortteli. Де можна буде подивитися вже на завершений гобелен буде відомо згодом.

Програма продовжиться о 15:00 концертом «Музика з Карпатських гір» у виконанні етногурта «Джерела Карпат». Львівський етногурт «Джерела Карпат» знаний та улюблений як в Україні, так і по всьому світу. Концерт довжиною в годину познайомить з традиційними українськими ритмами, самобутністю та народними творами невеличких етнічних українських груп горян Карпат- гуцулів та лемків.

Учасники гурту:
Ростислав Фединець (художнiй керівник) – скрипка
Юрій Дякунчак – контрабас, акордеон
Юрій Рега – цимбали
Валерій Шафета – акордеон
Василь Гамар – най, окарина, сопілка
Андрiй Боженський – вокал, бубен, тамбурин

Вхід на всі заході вільний!
Організатори: Kulttuurin Unelmavuosi 2023 (Культурний рік мрій 2023), команда KIEKU, та Відділ культури та мов міста Йоенсуу.


Приглашаем на день творчества и музыки!

7 октября, в субботу, в Консерватории Йоенсуу (Yliopistokatu 4) состоиться день творчества и музыки. В холе Консерватории, с 13:00 по 14:30, пройдет совместное изготовление традиционного финского гобелена- ryijy. Все желающие могут также принять участие в изготовление уже полуготового гобелена. В качестве инструкторов выступят специалисты по ремеслам Taitokortteli. Если гобелен не получится завершить, то его завершат позже в Taitokortteli. Место, где можна будет посмотреть на готовое изделие будет известно познее.

Программа продолжиться в 15:00 концертом «Музыка Карпатских гор» в исполнении етногруппы «Джерела Карпат». Львовская етногруппа известна и любима как в Украине, так и во всем мире. Часовой концерт познакомит вас с традиционными украинскими ритмами, а также самобытными музыкальными произведениями малых этнических групп Карпат- гуцулов и лемков.

Состав группы:
Ростислав Федунец (художественный руководитель)- скрипка
Юрий Дякунчак- контробас, акардеон
Юрий Рега- цимбалы
Валерий Шафета- акардеон
Василь Гамар- най, окарина, сопилка
Андрей Боженський – вокал, бубен, тамбурин

Вход свободный!
Организаторы: Культурный год мечты 2023, команда KIEKU и Отдел культуры и языка г. Йоенсуу.